The IC-8® Cultural Assessment makes it easy to gather the collective cultural views of your team and to understand how that information can be used to facilitate the growth of your organization.

1. Take the Assessment

The IC-8® Cultural Assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It's easy, interactive, and moves along quickly! An Align To Thrive Client Relations Specialist will provide you with pre-written copy to support in the communication with employees of how and why to take the Cultural Assessment. To ensure the most accurate results, the assessment is anonymous; employees should not feel pressured to take it.

2. Receive your Results

In order to create the most accurate and reliable results, Align To Thrive recommends that at least 51% of your employees take the assessment. Once complete, we compile the information and the results are conveyed back to you via a ninety minute webinar or 8 hour training with a Align To Thrive Master Trainer. Once this is complete you will receive a detailed report. This report includes everything you need to know about your current and ideal cultural styles including:

3. Implement Change

With this understanding of why and how you can shift into a growth culture, Align To Thrive can help connect you to the people and organizations that make it happen. Our Certified Align To Thrive partners understand the value and impact of culture too, and together with the assessment results, they offer all the support and services you need to effect lasting change.